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The H.O.L. Tour highlights

If you haven't been out to a Young Invent & H.O.L. show you've been missing out... Check out the video 

Young Invent

Hip Hop / Pop / Black Spanish Rock Star


With singles from Mucho Fuego, Dirty Girl and Bipartisan Young Invent shows why he delivers

General Of H.O.L.(House Of Legends)


World traveler that just so happens to make great music

Sounds Like


...No other. with lines like "I came here for the bundles, the cheese, the paper, the loot, the stacks, the creams, the mula, the racks, the hundos, the gees for the love of money if you know what I mean" Young Invent off the "Do It" verse there is a reason he stands out

Black Spanish Rockstar

Who is the #BlackSpanishRockStar coming to your City?


 This Young Inventive Rising Star is making music through out the U.S. and overseas throughout Canada, Philippines & UK and More! 

Press Release

#WitnesstheRise #GentlemanOnly #HGang


The Black Spanish Rockstar earning his Star Studded name by fans across the globe, performing his hit Single Mucho Fuego, and above all good vibes! 

Mucho Fuego

  • Young Invent
  • Produce by Unfadeable Production
  • In My Own Words Album