Who is House Of Legends? (HOL)

The beginning of House Of Legends

House Of legends is a group of some of the best artist, models, actors, athletes etc from around the world. Started by Young Invent, his brother Doja (RIP) and G Legendary backing the early 2000's they have grown and made it become bigger and better each year with growing team

1st Annual HOL Fest in Guam

 H.O.L. Fest aka House Of Legends Fest, founded by Young Invent CEO, Created #HOLFest while he was visiting in Guam. The island showed him so much love when he visited, he was inspired to bring a Taste of his Entertainment background and a lil Hollywood to the island to return the love. 

1st Annual #HOL Fest Deck & Presentation (pdf)


House Of Legends

Code name: Young Invent aka Black Spanish Rock Star

The General of House Of Legends. A world traveler that just so happens to make great music. In LA buzzing 

Singles and promos

  • Mucho Fuego
  • Azz Shake 
  • FanzInTheKs
  • Young Invent The Rap Star

Code Name: Diverse Official

H Gang''s islander music maker is making noise in his lane. After a few remixes he has the city of ABQ buzzing with his new single.


  • Movie
  • Sexxxy Luv
  • Btoken Mirrors

Code Name: Krazy So Fly

The Trap Music maker is buzzing up the streets of Miami and all areas around there. The Bentley driving, moon rock smoking rapper got the streets talking

  • The Krazy Challenge


Code Name: Dj Cree8

Cree8 one of the founding members of H.O.L. is burning up the dance floors in AZ. With his DJ skills he can get anyone to dance to the beat

Code Name: J. Jones

R&B is back with J. Jones. Grabbing the original sound of true R&B. There's no need to wonder where your girl is when he has a show in your city. Located in Dallas Texas there is a new world to discover with the sound of R&B


  • With These Hands
  • She Got Me like
  • Looking At Me 

Code Name: Yvette Todea aka Ambition With Out Limits Star

Known as one of the hottest models/actress in the game, there's a reason why you've seen a lot of her. From international prints and publications to movies and television series there's a wonder what she can't do... CEO and focal point of her company A.W.O.L. Ambition without limits is the truest statement for the member


Ari Stylz

With The release of "On The Pole" feat. Tyga Ari Stylez has been grinding hard to get to the next level. Reppin Savage Squard be on the look out for new music


  • On The Pole

FL Loud

FL Loud has been buzzing hard in the city of Dallas. The Brooklyn native has been grinding to reach the top and on his way to making it happen. Check out his latest video "Impressive"


  • Impressive

Solo Tha Don G

Solo Tha Don G has been on his grind since he started the gold brick movement. Just listen to the Jonni 5 Album and you will see why.


  • No Excuses
  • Do It
  • Mary Jane
  • Light It Up


  • Young Invent feature ERG & Doja
  • Produce by Unfadeable Productions
  • In My Own Words Album